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You can set EveryCity.MARKETING to automatically begin at the Locale you select above (with the only cookie used on this website). However, once at that locale, you can return to the Home Page of EveryCity.MARKETING whenever you like by clicking on the EveryCity.MARKETING logo at the top left of your selected Locale's Home Page. You will also be able to undo this default selection whenever you like, by either deleting cookies for this site, or by checking the Remove Default checkbox that will be displayed if you activate the Default Locale.


Registered Residents can:

  • Set Every.CITY to automatically begin at the city or county of their choice, regardless of the computer they are using.
  • Create Quick Link Locales to quickly switch between Locales without searching.
  • Create Member accounts for children and adults to access the various educational and home management applications
  • Submit your requests for products or services to the merchants in a Category of their choice, and let them "compete" for your business.
  • Ask questions to your local government

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